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about Cause Insurance Claim Denied

Life Insurance Claim Denied By Insurance Company. Often we hear about it, so that not a few people who are antipathetic to the insurance company, because they do not want the event vicariously.

Hope someone buys an insurance policy is in order to
receive the benefits of the insurance products that are bought when needed, thus avoiding himself or his family from economic hardship. But not infrequently life insurance company will refuse to pay insurance claims filed.

The following are the 3 most common reasons an insurance company to deny a claim types of life insurance:

1. Suicide, When the insured dies by suicide, while still in a period kontestabel (one or two years since the policy was published), the insurance company has the right to refuse to pay the sum assured.

2. Injuring Yourself, At the accidental death insurance (accidental death), there is usually a clause that excludes injury caused by the act of "self-mutilation". The insurance company can reject claims of accident deaths are caused by speeding on the highway on the grounds that the act of speeding is "self-mutilation".

3. Material Misrepresentations, is an honest statement issued at the time of filing of the application process (underwriting), which the insurance company rejected the insured and policy issue. Misrepresentations can be a revelation lie about their health history, age, occupation, hobbies of the prospective insured. As with suicide, misrepresentation can only be used as a reason for rejecting the claim occurred during kontestabel when and only when dealing with death. For example, if the insured has not declared a dangerous hobby at the time of application but apparently later died while doing a hobby associated with the dangerous hobby.

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