Minggu, 20 Oktober 2013

About Group Insurance Vs Individual Insurance


The purpose of insurance is to spread the risk of claims collection to a wider group of people. In the collection of health insurance, for example, everyone pays the same premium, but not everyone has the same claim. A group will have a mix of healthy people who do not file a claim, and some people are seriously diseased. Insurance companies set rates collectively to cover the average amount of the
claim plus costs and benefits administration.

Individual insurance (individual insurance) is the insurance policy that protects a person, while group insurance (group insurance) is insurance that protects a group of people. Each person in the collection called participants who receive protection in the context of the group. Group insurance is usually offered as a job benefit or benefits of membership associations, cooperatives, alumni groups, organizations, etc.. In insurance article, insurance may be offered in sets include life insurance, inpatient, outpatient, dental, eyeglasses, childbirth, accident, disability and long term care.

Group insurance can meet some of your insurance needs, but probably not all of them. You may need to equip it with the type of individual insurance programs. What differences in the individual insurance to group insurance?

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